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About Us

Free Fiction Reading

A New Way Of Storytelling and Free Fiction Reading

Odd-Publishing is a small publishing company based in Stockholm, Sweden that offers its readers a new way to read fiction. With focus on genre stories such as but not limited to, fantasy, horror and science fiction, pinpointed to the right audience. We publish all our series for free with ads, with the choice to pay a small fee to get rid of the ads and get even more out of the text in the form of some interactive elements. We also offer our texts as paper books and ebooks to be purchased here or off site in Amazon or iBooks store.

Our Series Format of Free Fiction

All our stories are presented in a totally new way, where the storyline is written in a series format, much like tv series are shown today. Each episode that is most often released each week is around 5000 – 10000 words long, enough to read on the way to work in the morning. As a contributing subscriber you will get art and sound together with the text if you read onsite, even more things can happen as you read. But we do not want to spoil it for you.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

You don’t just get free fiction reading, all our series are also made into Podcasts and Audiobooks after every season. A season usually consists of 12 episodes and that is also the length of our paper books and released books in other stores and publishers.So Odd-Publishing truly offers a new was of reading fiction and experience new ways of making the story even more entertaining.

Upcoming Releases

1010 – Legend Of The North – Season 1 – (Series Release date early 2016)

A fantasy saga placed in a fictive Scandinavia around year 1000. Where vikings and spirits live side by side in conflict, as well as in harmony. A story deep as the sea and large as the mountains. With many characters and places to get to know this is a saga that you could spend all your waken time to get to know. So if you have a minute over have a read.

Midsummer M – Season 1 (Series Release date late 2016)

A true horror story about the beautiful Maya, who visit her friends in Sweden that she got to know as an ex-change student two years earlier. She is invited to celebrate the traditional midsummer on a remote island outside Stockholm Archipelago. So she travels from her home town in Maine and arrives to Stockholm. Mysterious things start to happen after arriving to the island, it is clear something is wrong. A true classic horror at it’s best.

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